I’ve read too many fanfics about Simon and Kieren since I finished watching “In the Flesh”. Last time I read fanfics was after “House M.D.” ended.

Well, many things have happened for last two months. Now I have a job. Not the job of my dreams, but it’s better than nothing. I stopped going out with the most of my acquaintances. I don’t feel frustrated, no, but I’m not sure I need them to be next to me. I feel comfort when being alone, but not always. I still love spending time with my man. He’s wonderfull.

roses are red
violets are blue
there’s what I believe
and then there’s you

I feel like dark emptiness is trying to grab and eat my soul… Huge black hands embraced my neck and began to squeeze it. I’ve lost something very important but I don’t know what. And my man is far away from me - noone would hide me from my fears.

My neighbours are assholes. After talking with them I feel like ten dementors kissed me.