I feel like dark emptiness is trying to grab and eat my soul… Huge black hands embraced my neck and began to squeeze it. I’ve lost something very important but I don’t know what. And my man is far away from me - noone would hide me from my fears.


My neighbours are assholes. After talking with them I feel like ten dementors kissed me.


I met a girl last week. I think I want her. And my daddy likes it. She’s older than me and good looking. We understand each other like noone else. Hope, she’d find me attractive enough to have a fuck with.


Now I am a graduate with plenty of opportunities. I thought I would be able to look for a job this summer, but I have had to be in hospital for ten days and now I need to visit health center nearly every day to find out if I have some other diseases.


For the last three days I’ve had to throw away many things of the past. I’d thought I would regret a lot but now I feel much better than I expected. I think it would help me to find harmony and stop thinking that the past will go after me forever. This year… This month… I started to change and get rid of things and people I didn’t need. They’d been destroying me all my life and now is the moment to do something with it.


I’ve just finished watching the last episode of “Hannibal”. I am sorry for spoilers, but… IT MADE ME CRY A RIVER LIKE A BITCH! WHY, FULLER, WHY?!!!!!!! WHY NOT LIKE IN THE RED DRAGON?!
And when he touched Will’s cheek I thought “NOW KISS”… but then… he STUCK A KNIFE!!!!! And I was like… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am full of emotions… I can’t stop breathing heavily. But I cannot mention that the idea about Abigail Hobbs was brilliant! It remains only to revive Chilton, lol.


Well, I realized that the guys from anime party are not interested in me spending time with them. They told me they were always happy to see me there and they always waited for me. But yesterday I asked them for help because if I hadn’t done some work yesterday, I wouldn’t have been able to meet them the next day. And noone helped. I’ve spent this night doing everything I were to do, but now I don’t wanna know anyone of them.